Fear or Fright… You will be afraid tonight!

Call For Submissions now open!

We are currently reading submissions for an upcoming anthology, “Deadhead Miles.” For the compilation, we are looking for themed tales of horror on the road.  We are mostly seeking Truck Driving related stories, either with the driver as the protagonist or the antagonist, however, we will read other stories that are exceptionally written.

We do not specialize in splatter and gore for the sake of it. Intelligent, thought-provoking horror is favoured over shock.  Actual horror is creating a feeling and building atmosphere and writing just to make an audience squeamish is not all that is needed.  That is not to say that the story can not have these elements, they just need to be used properly.

We only accept email submissions.  Please ensure that they are in .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf formats.

Important, please note: We expect a short cover email with synopsis, and a brief bio (including previous publication credits, if any).  If you can’t be bothered doing this, it is only fair to assume we might not bother to read your submission.

For written work, we DO NOT accept simultaneous submissions. However, we will consider reprints.  Email us at submit@fearorfrightpublishing.com

We are looking for the following:
*Short Stories/Novellas (up to 15,000 words), no more than three per submission;

Submissions that are accepted will receive $10 for rights listed below.  All works that meet our specifications will receive a written letter by us as to acceptance as well as a short critique.

We require one-time print/electronic rights and print/electronic archive rights. Many magazines will not publish pieces that have been published in print or on the web. Once your work has been published, it can only ever be re-marketed as a reprint severely limiting the number of markets that will accept it, and drastically reduces the pay rate it can receive. If you have any questions/queries, contact us at info@fearorfrightpublishing.com


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